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The Church of God Militant Pillar and Ground of the Truth is a Pentecostal Church founded the Biblical truths of the Apostolic doctrine, living and teaching Holiness as a lifestyle. Keeping the vision of our founders as a bible teaching ministry teaching teachers to be apt to teach and to give sound Biblical information and instruction to hungry souls.  We are receiving those who are desire to help us continue extending the Gospel of Jesus the Christ.  We are reaching souls through our local television broadcasts, the internet, local missionary projects, special conferences and community outreach. We are empowering people to better their lives and preparing souls to meet the King of king and Lord of lord face in peace!!!



Partner with us, together we will fulfilling the Great Commission, going into all the world and preaching the Gospel.


The Blessing in Giving
When you find a ministry that teaches you how to:

· Everyday living through God’s Word

· Love the soul of another person

· Teach you how to seek the face of God

· Know God for yourself

· and positively impact your spiritual growth and maturity
…you’ve found good ground for sowing!


Over the years Church of God MPGT has proven to be good ground.  We have implement programs to feed the homeless, counsel the discouraged, shelter the battered and support the elderly. By putting the needs of others first, God empowers us to do more!  When you become a partner with this ministry, your giving not only blesses others, it positions you to reap a perpetual harvest of return!


Becoming A Partner

When you become a partner with this ministry, you make a commitment to:

· Pray for us daily

· Support the ministry financially by your regular contribution


Our part in encouraging you to live for Christ:

· Praying for you regularly

· Staying in touch with you personally

· Helping you to grow spiritually though the church’s teaching ministry by sending to you the CD of the month feathering the Pastor of the Church of God Militant Pillar and Ground of the Truth   


Partnering with us is simple. Click on the one of the donation buttons below. You may choose subscribe and give monthly recurring offering of $25.00 or a one time gift of any amount.  Your gift is US tax deductable.  We are blessed to have you as a committed partner who share our vision to change the world though the Word of God.


Partners for the Kingdom
With your monthly gift of $25 or a one-time gift of any size, you will receive:

· A quarterly newsletter from the church

· Partner report of the Missionary work preformed

· Partner record of exactly how your monthly donation supported the ministry during the quarter

· Teaching CD of the Month feathering the Pastor of the Church of God MPGT

· A letter from Pastor Millender each month









Changing and Restoring Souls... One Heart at a Time!